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Prodrive won’t race in 2008 // Prodrive confirm they will not be entering the 2008 F1 season

Published by Christine

Prodrive won’t race in 2008
Prodrive won’t race in 2008 audio waveform

It’s the 23rd November 2007, this is F1Minute, and these are your top headlines for today.

Prodrive have said they will not be participating in the 2008 championship after last minute legal battles. A statement from the team said that they were disappointed at the challenges they faced with the Concorde Agreement, especially as their plans to use a customer car had been public knowledge for a year beforehand. Prodrive do intend to enter Formula 1 at some stage though, when an agreement can finally be reached.

Also in the news today, teams have been complaining about what they see as underhanded tactics from Honda. In the recent test at Barcelona, Super Aguri tested out some new, young drivers, apparently on Honda’s behalf. This means that Honda could continue using up their own testing miles for the data, and let Super Aguri use up their miles on the drivers.

Finally, details of a legal document given to the FIA by McLaren reveal they believe Renault did benefit from having their information. The document also revealed McLaren are unhappy with some of the submissions from Renault engineers, believing them to be misleading.

That’s all for today, have a great weekend, and join me on Monday for another F1Minute.