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Ross Brawn defends 2009 rear wing style - Apparently the retro look is okay once you get used to it

Published by Christine

Ross Brawn defends 2009 rear wing style
Ross Brawn defends 2009 rear wing style audio waveform

It’s the 22nd September 2008, and this is F1Minute.

At the Jerez test last week, Williams ran a brand new but old-style rear wing in preparation for 2009. Not everyone, including myself, is in favour of the look of the cars with this wing, but Ross Brawn has defended the change. “I think they look okay - and they look in many ways nicer because the bodywork doesn't have all this furniture. It is a much bigger front wing and smaller higher rear wing, but we have had things like that in the past.” He said that just like when grooved tyres were introduced, people didn’t like the look of them, but we will soon get used to it.

Talking of 2009, Vijay Mallya has spoken about how he is measuring the performance of his team, and whilst he says Force India are doing well this year, next season will be the real test. “I've always said that we will take baby steps in 2008, such as getting into Q2, and I think we have managed to do that. In 2009 we have no excuses, I know that, and I will make sure that we perform.”

That’s it for today, I’ll be back tomorrow with another F1Minute.