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Ferrari boss discusses Räikkönen and Singapore // Luca di Montezemolo talks about the future of street circuits

Published by Christine

Ferrari boss discusses Räikkönen and Singapore
Ferrari boss discusses Räikkönen and Singapore audio waveform

Welcome to F1Minute for the 21st September 2008.

Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo has been talking about the ever increasing number of street circuits on the calendar, which he thinks is a problem. He believes that street circuits don’t allow many opportunities for overtaking, and regarding the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix, he said: “I have the impression it will be one of those letdowns where you cannot overtake, like Valencia.” He added that to keep on encouraging street circuits on the calendar would be a bad thing for Formula 1.

Montezemolo has also been discussing the team’s decision to extend Räikkönen's contract after he has failed to live up to expectations this year: “I know some disagreed when we lengthened his contract, but we are talking about the world champion, who won the title in his first year at Ferrari.” He said that Kimi will soon be back on form and getting results once more.

Finally, Lewis Hamilton is preparing for a busy week, as not only does he have to prepare for the race next Sunday, he is also planning to attend the Court of Appeal hearing in Paris tomorrow. Let me know how you think the result will pan out at