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Bernie and Slavica Ecclestone set to divorce - The FOM chief comes to the end of the road in his relationship

Published by Christine

Bernie and Slavica Ecclestone set to divorce
Bernie and Slavica Ecclestone set to divorce audio waveform

It’s the 21st November 2008 and you’re listening to F1Minute.

It’s a slow news day today, so I must resort to reporting on personal lives. Slavica Ecclestone has confirmed that she is divorcing Bernie. Speculation was raised after she moved out of the house, and proceedings have apparently begun. There were worries that this would have an effect on the way Formula 1 is run, but although Slavica may be in line for a costly settlement, she shouldn’t have too much influence in the sport.

Elsewhere, the FOTA are set to discuss changes to the qualifying format when they meet on the 4th December. One proposal being talked about is the idea of all the cars on the track at the same time with the same fuel, and the slowest driver being knocked out on each lap. Let me know what you think at

Finally, at the Jerez test next month, BMW intend to stage a competition between their two cars to study the effects of the 2009 bodywork on overtaking.

That’s it for today and this week, have a great weekend and join me again on Monday for another F1Minute.