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Jerez testing to feature slicks tyres - Spanish testing will feature rubber without grooves in

Published by Christine

Jerez testing to feature slicks tyres
Jerez testing to feature slicks tyres audio waveform

Today is the 21st November 2007, I’m Christine and this is F1Minute.

The upcoming test in Jerez in December will be the first in almost ten years to feature slick tyres. The teams are all in agreement that they need to gather data for a possible return to slicks in 2009, but that the laps they complete this year should not count against their testing mileage limit.

Also in the news, Bernie Ecclestone continues his love/hate relationship with the Silverstone circuit. Today he is loving the circuit and urging the British government to fork out some cash for the necessary upgrades. He says: “With a tiny percentage of what the government are wasting on the Olympics, they could support Silverstone.” A few weeks ago the Sports Minister for the UK said he supported the Grand Prix at Silverstone, but no money would be forthcoming.

And finally, a quick update on yesterday. I mentioned that BMW would be launching their new car, the F1.08 on 14th January, and we now know it will be in Munich.

That’s all for today, thanks for listening, and join me tomorrow for another F1Minute.