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McLaren regain fifth garage position - The team are moving back up the pitlane again

Published by Christine

McLaren regain fifth garage position
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It’s the 21st May and this is F1Minute.

McLaren have been moved back up the pitlane in Monaco, regaining the fifth spot amongst the garages that they had at the start of the season. Before the Bahrain Grand Prix, McLaren were pushed down to the last garage, but said it was not a disadvantage and was maybe even a good thing. However, now, and the reason has not yet been disclosed, they are once again in the fifth garage.

Max Mosley has stirred up emotions with a letter to automobile clubs, warning them that if he is ousted from the presidency next week, the FIA may risk losing control of F1 to commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone and FOM. In turn, Bernie has replied and said it sounds a little bit like a threat of war, and if it is so, he is completely prepared to stand his ground.

Elsewhere today, Jenson Button has ordered two planes from Honda in the hopes of setting up an aviation charter business. The light business jets apparently cost over $7 million and will be delivered in 2012.

That’s all for today, I’ll be back tomorrow with another F1Minute.