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Force India say points not far off - Vijay Mallya is expecting good things from his team

Published by Christine

Force India say points not far off
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Welcome to F1Minute for the 21st July 2009.

Vijay Mallya has been talking about his team’s improvements again, and he reckons the German Grand Prix will not be an isolated performance for Force India. He says: “I am confident that Germany was not just a one-hit wonder for us. Over the course of the season so far we’ve calculated we’ve improved by something like 1.7 seconds, which I don’t think any other team has done.” He also added: “We’re so close to points we can almost touch them. It has to be soon.” Which is all well and good, but I’m pretty sure we’ve been saying this for two season’s now.

Meanwhile, looking forward to 2010, Cosworth have said they will be able to provide competitive engines. Apparently they were initially going to be allowed to run higher revs as they are less developed than the current engine suppliers, but have agreed to the regular 18,000 rpm limit, and they say there will be no compromise in performance for doing so.

That’ll do it for now, please join me tomorrow for more from F1Minute.