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Trulli's impressed with his new team // Jarno assesses his position, whilst Sam Michael is ready to start anew

Published by Christine

Trulli's impressed with his new team
Trulli's impressed with his new team audio waveform

Hello and welcome to F1Minute for the 21st January 2010.

Jarno Trulli has been talking about his new team and says he is quite impressed with how well they’re getting along. He said: “It’s rather new, and it seems very modern to me. We have everything, including the facility to produce carbon fibre. On top of that, we also have an excellent windtunnel at our disposal... for a new team, we are in a better position than I would have hoped.” He does add that as a smaller team, he’s not expecting it to match Toyota’s potential, and that the project has longer term goals, and for now it’s a race to get points rather than wins. Half glass full or half glass empty, you decide.

Meanwhile, Williams technical director Sam Michael has suggested that their 2010 car has been completely redesigned, from an aerodynamic stand point, it’s completely new. He also mentioned that Rubens is pretty demanding, saying: “He’s unlikely to be around in five years time because of his age and has a sense of urgency about him.” Again, is that a compliment? You decide.

That’s all for now, I’ll be back tomorrow with another F1Minute.