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FOTA announce breakaway championship plans - Teams confirm their dissatisfaction with the two-tier title battle

Published by Christine

FOTA announce breakaway championship plans
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Welcome to a special F1Minute for June 19th.

Today, it happened. FOTA announced their plans for a breakaway series. The news came at about midnight, when I was rudely awakened to be confronted with a press release.

It read: “The teams cannot continue to compromise on the fundamental values of the sport and have declined to alter their original conditional entries to the 2010 World Championship. These teams therefore have no alternative other than to commence the preparation for a new Championship which reflects the values of its participants and partners. This series will have transparent governance, one set of regulations, encourage more entrants and listen to the wishes of the fans, including offering lower prices for spectators worldwide, partners and other important stakeholders.”

Sounds good to me! The FIA sat back and thought about it for a while, and responded during the day with the news that the 2010 entry list won’t be finalised just yet, and that they intend to issue legal proceedings on the breakaway teams.

That’s it for today, I’ll be back tomorrow with another F1Minute.