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Alonso accused of mind games - Piquet on Alonso, Prost on Alonso, and Alonso on the steward

Published by Christine

Alonso accused of mind games
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Hello everyone, today is 18th October 2007, I’m Christine and this is your F1Minute.

The news is all about Fernando Alonso today, as two former world champions come out of the woodwork to have their say on the current title contender. Triple champion Nelson Piquet has expressed his belief that Alonso is just playing mind games when it comes to the talk of sabotage from McLaren. He’s also said that McLaren would be stupid to release Alonso to a rival team, just because he and Hamilton don’t get on, when he could get the results for them.

4 times world champion Alain Prost takes an opposing viewpoint, by saying that McLaren should have given Alonso number 1 driver status from the start of the year. Prost believes that Ron Dennis is sympathetic and protective of Hamilton to the expense of the success of the team. If Alonso was given number one status, most of the problems this year would have been avoided.

And finally, a word from Alonso himself, he doesn’t like the idea of the equality steward for Brazil, He doesn’t believe it is necessary.

Those are your Alonso flavoured headlines for today, join me tomorrow for another F1Minute.