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Barrichello breaks silence on Honda Racing // Rubens says he's not given up on F1 just yet

Published by Christine

Barrichello breaks silence on Honda Racing
Barrichello breaks silence on Honda Racing audio waveform

You’re listening to F1Minute and it’s the 18th December.

Finally, Rubens Barrichello has spoken. We haven’t heard from him since Honda announced their withdrawal from F1, but now the Brazilian has given an exclusive interview to Autosport. He said he was on holiday when the call came to break the news to him and he was completely shocked – more so than if he had been told another driver was replacing him. But he flew in to meet with Ross Brawn and just like Jenson, is determined to stick with the team. "I told him again that it could be a good time for me to say goodbye and start shouting bad against people for what they have done bad to me, but no. I am ready to race. I have lost half the weight of what I need to lose, and am eager to keep going.”

Two other quick stories: Ferrari have admitted they are very behind schedule with their KERS device, and are starting to think what they can do if they need to race without it. And Williams have confirmed their launch date as the 19th January, at the Portugal test.

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