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Glock signs with Manor Grand Prix for 2010 - Timo secures his future, whilst Luca di Montezemolo ponders his

Published by Christine

Glock signs with Manor Grand Prix for 2010
Glock signs with Manor Grand Prix for 2010 audio waveform

This is F1Minute, today is the 17th November 2009.

Timo Glock has confirmed his immediate future in Formula 1 by signing with the new Manor Grand Prix team. Glock says: “Every driver has the same overall objective - to win the world championship one day - but the way I want to succeed is to be part of the process of building a team and to play a key role in developing the car. This is why the opportunity with Manor Grand Prix is so exciting for me.” And presumably why staying with Toyota if they hadn’t left, wasn’t exciting for him.

Anyway, elsewhere, Luca di Montezemolo has suggested that he is unlikely to continue with his role as president of FOTA past this year. Talking to Autosprint, he said; “I took up the president role because I felt it was good to have teams competing on the track and talking out of it like sports professionals. This is what we did. However, I have another job and I can’t do everything.”

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