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Max offers final terms for FOTA - Mosley lays out his final offer for the teams who have yet to agree

Published by Christine

Max offers final terms for FOTA
Max offers final terms for FOTA audio waveform

It’s the 17th June 2009, welcome to F1Minute.

Sadly, it is a politics filled minute today, but I think we’ve done rather well at avoiding it so far this week. Now, Max Mosley has revealed his final offer to the FOTA teams that are still insisting on a conditional entry.

Letters have been flying back and forth between the two organisations all week, but now Max has outlined the deal as it stands. He is willing to look at how the governing body goes about its business, how the Court of Appeal runs, and he’s happy to look at some of the regulations for next year. He’s offered a 100 million Euro budget cap, only if it sinks to 45 million for 2011. If FOTA want to go ahead, they can also enjoy continued engine and gearbox regulations. The testing ban will still be in place, and tyre warmers and moveable wings get the green light.

FOTA have until the end of the week to decide whether they agree to these terms.

That’s it for today, I’ll be back tomorrow with another F1Minute.