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Stewarding process to be discussed - Drivers have ideas, as Hamilton's driving is up for debate

Published by Christine

Stewarding process to be discussed
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Today is the 16th October 2008 and you’re listening to F1Minute.

The stewarding process has come in to sharp focus this week, as drivers come to terms with what happened in Fuji. Heidfeld has offered the opinion that he would like a return to last season’s system, where there was a permanent steward who travelled to all races. He felt the penalties dished out were at least more consistent, even if they weren’t any less harsh.

Other drivers, including Trulli, Button, and Alonso, have said they’d like an ex-driver to join the stewarding team, as they believe he would have a much better idea of what is really going on out on track. The problem is likely to be discussed at the Friday drivers briefing in Shanghai.

Another item on the agenda is some of Hamilton’s recent driving. Webber has said that he wants to talk about the matter of moving around in the braking area, in his capacity as director of the GPDA. Trulli also wants to discuss being held up by Hamilton not adhering to blue flags in Fuji. And they say they’re not ganging up on him.

That’s it for today, I’ll be back tomorrow with another F1Minute.