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Ecclestone tells F1 not to panic - Bernie believes there is nothing to worry about, whilst Webber disagrees

Published by Christine

Ecclestone tells F1 not to panic
Ecclestone tells F1 not to panic audio waveform

Welcome to F1Minute, it’s the 16th March 2010.

The reaction continues to pour forth regarding F1’s first race of the year, with Webber going into more detail than his initial tweet. He said: “I spent 48 laps staring at the gearboxes of first Schumacher and the Button and there was nothing I could do to pass them.” He added: “I was quicker than him but I was unable to find a way through. He didn’t make a mistake and if I’d tried to force the issue, it would have ended in a crash.”

Coulthard has joined in the call for mandatory pitstops, suggesting that as it is now, it’s all about reliability rather than racing.

Bernie Ecclestone has warned that the sport shouldn’t over-react though. He said: “There is no panic, no crisis for F1. I think there is nothing we can do immediately and we should not just knee-jerk into changes... The first race with new regulations was always going to be a learning curve for them all. Now they know they can make improvements and be a bit bolder and we will get more action.”

Let’s hope!

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