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Ecclestone comes clean about breakaway rumours - Bernie talks frankly about his lack of control over the teams

Published by Christine

Ecclestone comes clean about breakaway rumours
Ecclestone comes clean about breakaway rumours audio waveform

It’s the 16th June 2008, and you’re listening to F1Minute.

Bernie Ecclestone has spoken out about those persistent rumours that the teams could breakaway and form their own motorsport series. After the Mosley scandal has left the political side of the sport in turmoil, Bernie has said that he needs to say everything is fine to keep the sponsors happy, but in fact, he has no control. Bernie says that what the teams need is a renewed Concorde Agreement, but Mosley isn’t interested. And the most telling quote from Ecclestone was this: “The teams can do what they like.”

Former F1 champion John Surtees, who took the title in 1964, is being honoured by the Queen of England. He will receive an Order of the British Empire in recognition of his services to motorsport and to charity.

Finally today, preparation for France is already beginning, with BMW boss Mario Theissen stating they will not be changing their goals despite the win in Canada, and Lewis Hamilton saying he will still have a good race even though he’s starting ten places back.

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