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Lotus F1 get 13th grid slot - The grid is is complete but the FIA aren't satisfied

Published by Christine

Lotus F1 get 13th grid slot
Lotus F1 get 13th grid slot audio waveform

Today is the 15th September and this is F1Minute.

The FIA have announced that the Lotus F1 Team will take the 13th place on the grid next year, with the company not the old Lotus but actually a partnership with the Malaysian government and businesses. The FIA did say they had reviewed the BMW application and found it impressive but they were concerned about the uncertain future of the team.

As it turns out, BMW announced they had found a buyer today, in the form of Qadbak Investments - a Swiss company who will take over for 2010.

Given this, the FIA are thinking about expanding the grid to 14 teams to allow for the ex-BMW team as well.

The FIA have been busy today as it has emerged that Pat Symonds of Renault has been given immunity by the governing body if he answers all their questions about what happened in Singapore last year. We don’t know whether he has accepted the offer or not.

That’s all for now, I’ll be back tomorrow with another F1Minute.