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Force India to concentrate on 2009 // Mallya says aside from the gearbox update, that's it for Force India

Published by Christine

Force India to concentrate on 2009
Force India to concentrate on 2009 audio waveform

Welcome to F1Minute for the 15th July 2008.

Force India have joined the list of teams to switch their development focus from this year to next years car. Honda and Renault have already hinted at the fact that they are concentrating on adapting to the 2009 regulations. Now Vijay Mallya has said the only major update for the Force India this year is to switch to a seamless shift gearbox, and that’s it.

Mallya also defended his team’s performance, saying: “Ferrari didn’t win a world championship for years until Michael Schumacher came along in 1996, and even then it took three or four years to win. So people can’t expect miracles from me in one season, but I’m getting there, and I’m showing that I’m inching forward.”

Elsewhere today, it looks like Spanish fans may be able to watch the remainder of the season live on their mobile phones if they so desire. The company HYC is partnering with TV broadcasters to enable this: “richer communications experience though a personalized and interactive service.” We’ll see.

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