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Four more teams reveal 2010 launch dates // The teams start organising their big unveilings

Published by Christine

Four more teams reveal 2010 launch dates
Four more teams reveal 2010 launch dates audio waveform

It is the 14th January 2010, and this is F1Minute.

It’s the first day of Autosport International, and the headlines are pouring in from people talking about what they’re going to do, if not actually doing anything yet.

We’ve got several new launch dates confirmed - Mercedes are set to reveal their new car on the 28th January - the same day as Ferrari - but in Stuttgart. McLaren have chosen the 29th January and are unveiling it in London. Lotus F1 will be switching the Cosworth engine on for the first time on the 5th February, before launching the next week. Finally, Renault are launching on the 31st January, at the Valencia circuit, alongside Sauber.

Elsewhere, David Coulthard took to the stage at the racing car show to announce a new driver rankings project from Autosport. It’s... controversial, to say the least, mapping drivers from many motorsport series, and comparing them in an unspecified fashion. Button is number one.

That’s all for now, I’ll be back tomorrow with another F1Minute.