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McLaren apologise to everyone for espionage - The team write a public apology over Ferrari intellectual property

Published by Christine

McLaren apologise to everyone for espionage
McLaren apologise to everyone for espionage audio waveform

Hello everyone, this is F1Minute for the 13th December 2007.

McLaren have written a letter to the FIA apologising for the Ferrari information scandal, and offering to hold back any borrowed technologies from the rival team. The inspection of McLaren’s car found that some ideas, such as the gas in the tyres and the quickshift technology appeared to have come from Ferrari. McLaren say they will not develop these technologies, they have given a public apology to basically everyone, and offered to pay the inspection costs incurred by the FIA.

Also in the news, a lighting system by an Australian company has been submitted to the FIA after a secret night test by Mark Webber. He was joined by a former motorcycle champion last month for the test, and the results have shown the system is immune to blackouts and casts no shadows. If the FIA approve the lights, Australia could very well be hosting their own night race along with Singapore.

And your final bit of FIA news, Max Mosley has said that if the new aerodynamic rules in 2009 do not cut cornering speeds, then teams can forget about slick tyres returning to the track.

That’s all for today, please join me tomorrow for another F1Minute.