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WMSC reveal drastic cost-cutting measures // Huge changes are afoot as engines are limited and standardised

Published by Christine

WMSC reveal drastic cost-cutting measures
WMSC reveal drastic cost-cutting measures audio waveform

Welcome to F1Minute for the 12th December.

The World Motorsport Council decisions made in Monaco today have been released. They stretch far and wide, so I’ll just highlight the important stuff.

For next year, there’s a limit of 20 engines per team – 8 for each driver and four for testing. Each engine must last three races, and is limited to 18,000 rpm. Renault have also been given special permission to tweak their engine. There will be no in season testing and factories will have to close for six weeks per year. Personnel at race weekends is to be reduced. The medals idea and qualifying format may be changed subject to market research.

For 2010, the standard engine comes into effect, with standard transmission and possibly a standard chassis, depending on future approval. During weekends, there’ll be no tyre warmers or refuelling, and possibly there’ll be a reduction in race distance.

There’s more to come, apparently, with the usual standard and technical regulation changes to be released shortly.

That’s it for this week, I’ll be back on Monday with another F1Minute.