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FIA appoint official to ensure equality - The FIA hire a watcher and Ferrari branch out

Published by Christine

FIA appoint official to ensure equality
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Welcome to F1Minute, it’s the 11th October 2007. I’m Christine and these are your headlines from the world of Formula 1.

Despite a statement from McLaren confirming their intentions for equality in Brazil, the FIA have appointed a separate official to observe them. The steward will ensure there is no foul play or favouritism between the two drivers throughout the race weekend.

Also on the subject of McLaren, the Lewis Hamilton entry on Wikipedia has been locked until after the championship ends due to some rather unflattering edits. The IP address of the editor has been traced to Mercedes-Benz in Spain, and the company are now on the hunt for the mysterious writer.

Ferrari have agreed a deal with sister championship A1 GP to supply the engines for the single chassis series for six years. Starting in 2008, Ferrari will develop and build the engines, and also design the chassis. The deal includes an agreement by Ferrari for A1 GP to use the brand on their merchandise, and promote the series with the phrase: “Powered by Ferrari.”

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