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Patrick Head suggests reverse grids - Williams co-owner says the FIA need to get more adventurous

Published by Christine

Patrick Head suggests reverse grids
Patrick Head suggests reverse grids audio waveform

Today is the 11th March 2008, I’m Christine and this is F1Minute.

Co-owner of Williams, Patrick Head has ruffled feathers today by speculating on what can be done to F1 to make it more exciting. He is suggesting that reversing the grid will promote overtaking and encourage different strategies. Head says the FIA have to be a little bit more adventurous with their plans for mixing things up, although he does admit that his ideas will upset F1 purists.

Ron Dennis has apparently told his staff at the Technology Centre that he will not be quitting his role as head of the team. Speculation has been circulating but just before jetting off to Melbourne Dennis assured his staff that he won’t be stepping down. In the last few days, though, he has been quoted as saying he’ll decide when it’s time to quit, and there are other things he wants to do in life besides F1.

In other McLaren news, Flavio Briatore has had a dig at Lewis Hamilton, saying he wasn’t much of a team player in 2007 and his feud with Alonso is the main reason McLaren lost the championship.

That’s all for today, join me tomorrow for another F1Minute.