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McLaren and Ferrari put aside espionage differences - Various statements emerge about their new found friendship

Published by Christine

McLaren and Ferrari put aside espionage differences
McLaren and Ferrari put aside espionage differences audio waveform

It’s the 11th July 2008 and you’re listening to F1Minute.

The only news today, aside from Jenson signing up to participate in the Race of Champions, is that McLaren and Ferrari have decided to put aside their differences and become friends again.

Okay, that might be taking it a bit far but the espionage saga is now officially over between them. A McLaren statement reads: “In light of the formal closure in December 2007 of the FIA and FIA World Motor Sport Council proceedings against McLaren, and of McLaren’s public apology to Ferrari which we have reiterated, Ferrari and McLaren have agreed to bring the various disputes between them in relation to this matter to a final conclusion. McLaren has also agreed to the reimbursement of Ferrari’s costs and expenses relating to these matters and a concluding payment.”

Ferrari said thank you very much and we accept. They also said they’d donate the final payment from McLaren to charity, and that they aren’t giving up their lawsuit against Nigel Stepney.

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