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Autosport International Day 4 special // Anthony Davidson talks of a deal that almost was

Published by Christine

Autosport International Day 4 special
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Welcome to the final F1Minute special for Autosport International – Day 4.

Anthony Davidson was the guest of the Autosport stage today, and he spoke quite candidly about another failed deal for him with the now defunct Honda team. He says: "I was in serious talks of not only trying to get a race drive for this year with the team, but as the bare minimum as the reserve driver. Talks were progressing really well, and the deal was almost done just with a few weeks to spare before the announcement.”

Davidson is pragmatic about the future, suggesting that Formula 1 opportunities are few and far between at the moment, so he’s looking for other racing series – perhaps even attempting Le Mans again.

More from David Coulthard today, as well, he spoke about the fact the Red Bull team would be launching their car much later than most of the other teams. He assured us it was more of a benefit than a symptom of anything else, saying it will give them more time to fine tune the design.

That’s all from the Autosport stage this week. Stay tuned for your regular daily updates from F1Minute.