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Williams FW30 not appearing anytime soon - The team push back track debut of their new car

Published by Christine

Williams FW30 not appearing anytime soon
Williams FW30 not appearing anytime soon audio waveform

Today is the 11th January, I’m Christine and this is F1Minute.

After deciding not to have a press launch for their 2008 car, Williams are now pushing back its track debut as well. The new machinery was supposed to be on the tarmac at Jerez next week, but Williams have decided to bring the old FW29 rather than the new 30. Technical director Sam Michael said they had always known the schedule was pushing it, and he would rather not rush things with the new car.

Ferrari have finally pinpointed exactly what Michael Schumacher’s role is within the team, after a season of being rather vague. He will be in charge of car development for Gestione Sportiva – which is the motorsport section of Ferrari. He’ll still continue to test for the team, and says the 2008 car looks promising but he has no schedule of when he’ll get behind the wheel.

And finally, after talking up the team non-stop with big budgets, advertising and a top notch driver line-up event, Vijay Mallya has warned his home country of India not to expect too much from the team in their first year. Talk about mixed signals.

That’s it for this week, have a great weekend and join me on Monday for another F1Minute.