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Brawn believes manufacturers will be back - Ross is hopeful, whilst Cosworth are sure the plans are on track

Published by Christine

Brawn believes manufacturers will be back
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This is F1Minute and it’s the 10th November 2009.

Ross Brawn has been talking about the future of Formula 1, and said that it really does go in cycles and car manufacturers will return to the sport. Despite the fact that Honda, BMW and now Toyota have all pulled out, he’s confident they’ll be back. Brawn said: “It will take a while, it’s going to take a few years but Honda’s was their second or third involvement in Formula 1. Manufacturers look at the value to them of Formula 1, there’s no sentiment I’m afraid. So when it’s viable, they come in, and when it’s not, they don’t.” He said luckily it’s the privateers who sustain the sport.

Meanwhile, Cosworth are confident that the new teams who are signed up with them will be ready in time. The general manager of F1 for Cosworth Mark Gallagher said: “There are very well-respected people involved in all four teams and they are going about their preparations for next season in the right way.” I reserve judgement until I see the cars on the track.

That’s all for now, I’ll be back tomorrow with another F1Minute.