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Alonso will join Renault for 2008 // Fernando Alonso finally picks his team, whilst Brundle takes on the FIA

Published by Christine

Alonso will join Renault for 2008
Alonso will join Renault for 2008 audio waveform

It’s the 10th December 2007, this is F1Minute and these are your top headlines for today.

Alonso has been holding up the drivers market for quite long enough, and has now announced his return to Renault. He’ll be joined by Nelsinho Piquet who will be making his F1 debut, and Romain Grosjean takes the test driver role. Briatore paid tribute to Fisichella and Kovalainen who will now have to look for a seat elsewhere, and said the car they provided them with was not up to scratch but the team appreciated the hard work both drivers put in. Along with the driver announcement, Renault confirmed the launch of their new car will be at the end of January, running at Valencia, and then unveiled in Paris.

In other news, the FIA’s latest war of words through the media is actually with the media. At the end of last week we found out that the FIA will be suing the Sunday Times for a column from Martin Brundle accusing them of a McLaren witch-hunt. Brundle wrote another column to defend his right to an opinion and berating the FIA for their apparent media manipulation. The FIA have hit back again saying that he does have every right to an opinion but he will have to defend it in court.

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