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Williams talks of illegal engine development // Flavio Briatore stirs up controversy, Frank Williams tries to talk it down

Published by Christine

Williams talks of illegal engine development
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Welcome to F1Minute for the 10th August 2008.

Just recently, there has been an eruption in the speculation that some teams may be getting round the engine homologation rules and making gains in that particular area above and beyond their rivals. Renault boss Flavio Briatore caused a stir when he said that they were sticking to the rules to the letter, explaining why they had fallen behind others in terms of speed.

Everyone denies it, of course, but Frank Williams has spoken up, saying that he believes there may have been engine developments by the manufacturer teams, but he doesn’t believe they are deliberately trying to flout the regulations. He quoted an anecdote he heard that a Red Bull driver swapped from the Renault powered car to the Ferrari powered Toro Rosso and was amazed at the difference in speed. The best quote from Mr Williams, however, is this: “No one is cheating, but some people are better at bending the rules and knowing where to stop bending, than people who would never dream of even trying to squeeze something.”

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