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Red Bull launch RB5 at Jerez - Webber and Vettel reveal the 2009 car

Published by Christine

Red Bull launch RB5 at Jerez
Red Bull launch RB5 at Jerez audio waveform

Today is the 9th February 2009 and you’re listening to F1Minute.

Red Bull revealed the RB5 today at Jerez with both Webber and Vettel there to pull the covers off. The car has a very slim nose that is higher than those we have seen before, has bargeboards around the sidepods and a front wing with plenty of aerodynamic design. As mentioned, Webber was there and revealed he had surgery on Thursday which wasn’t unexpected but was a little bit of a setback. Meanwhile, Vettel got behind the wheel for a spin round Jerez, but managed only 14 laps before stopping on track. The car had gearbox problems, and Red Bull decided to stop rather than risk continuing and breaking the new machinery. Vettel admitted it’s too early to say anything about the car itself.

Elsewhere, it’s about time I mentioned USF1. I’ve been avoiding the subject as it wasn’t clear what was true, but it seems like a brand new American team could be on the cards, thanks to Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor.

That’s it for today, I’ll be back tomorrow with another F1Minute.