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No rest for BMW over the summer break - Mario Theissen confirms BMW are still hard at it

Published by Christine

No rest for BMW over the summer break
No rest for BMW over the summer break audio waveform

Today is the 9th August 2008, and this is F1Minute.

You would think that the three week summer break in F1 would be just that, time for a rest from the non stop circus of Grands Prix. Not so much for BMW, as Mario Theissen has said that the team back at the factory are working as hard as ever on some updates for the car. Whilst there’s no testing just yet, they certainly haven’t given up. He says: “Obviously we aren't going to sit down and twiddle our thumbs as we still have developments in the pipeline - aerodynamic as well as mechanical. We definitely won't stop the development of the F1.08 because of one unsatisfying result."

Elsewhere, teams have been looking into what caused the fuel rig fires at the Hungarian Grand Prix, but they’re not revealing much. So far, Williams and Toro Rosso both say it wasn’t a problem with the rig itself, but this is how a spokesperson for Toro Rosso put it: “I can confirm it was not a problem with the rig. The problem has been resolved to make sure it does not happen again, but there is no further comment from our technical group.” Very helpful, thank you.

That’s it for today, I’ll be back tomorrow with another F1Minute.