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Max Mosley hits headlines again - Three stories about the FIA chief, all involving lawsuits and courtrooms

Published by Christine

Max Mosley hits headlines again
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Today is the 9th April, and this is F1Minute.

A Max Mosley day today, with three separate stories regarding the FIA President. Firstly, a High Court judge ruled that Mosley could not have an injunction against the News of the World video, as although it was demeaning, it was already too familiar and widely known. The judge felt that ruling to ban the video would have no effect.

Mosley also spoke about his lawsuit against the News of the World saying that any proceeds he gains from the invasion of privacy suit will be donated to the FIA Foundation. His main motivation for the lawsuit is to deter the paper from publishing harmful information about anyone else in the future, and not for his own monetary reward.

Finally, today, the date of the FIA extraordinary meeting has been confirmed as the 3rd June. It’s also emerged that Mosley’s future will be decided by a secret ballot with voters choosing confidence or no confidence in the President. The meeting will take place in Paris.

That’s all for today, join me again tomorrow for another F1Minute.