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Bridgestone to paint grooves green in Japan // The tyre supplier support the FIA's "Make Cars Green" initiative

Published by Christine

Bridgestone to paint grooves green in Japan
Bridgestone to paint grooves green in Japan audio waveform

Today is the 8th October 2008, welcome to F1Minute.

This weekend in Japan, Bridgestone are painting the stripes on their tyres green. The FIA has a promotion called “Make Cars Green”, and in support Bridgestone will be painting every groove on the harder tyre a bright green colour. The announcement of coloured tyres, came with a joint statement from Honda, Williams and BMW, all supporting the idea of Formula 1 becoming greener. I can honestly say the green does not look great, but it’s all in a good cause.

Along with environmental issues, Max Mosley has also issued a stark warning that if Formula 1 doesn’t drastically cut costs it will face serious difficulties in the future. Today it was announced that the FOTA will meet with the FIA president immediately after the Chinese Grand Prix to discuss the matter. The FIA statement read: “At this meeting the FIA will discuss and share with the teams the strategic decisions which are now urgently required, having regard to current world-wide economic problems.”

That’s it for today, I’ll be back tomorrow with another F1Minute.