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Renault summoned on McLaren espionage claim - The WMSC want answers on intellectual property charges

Published by Christine

Renault summoned on McLaren espionage claim
Renault summoned on McLaren espionage claim audio waveform

It’s the 9th November 2007, I’m Christine, and this is F1Minute with the top headlines for today.

The FIA World Motorsport Council have called for Renault to appear before them facing charges of possessing McLaren information. Renault are accused of holding information about the McLaren car between September 2006 and October 2007, including fuel and oil systems, gear assembly and some critical dimensions. The charge is very similar to the one McLaren faced in September, where they were found guilty, stripped of their constructors points and handed a massive fine. The hearing will take place on the 6th December.

A spokesperson for Renault would only say that the team have been and intend to remain cooperative with the FIA throughout the process.

Meanwhile, within the McLaren garage, the FIA have begun their investigation of the 2008 car, a part of the penalty mentioned above. McLaren have apparently been sworn to secrecy on the details of the study, and the FIA will not comment due to it being part of an ongoing investigation.

That’s the news for today, please join me again tomorrow for another F1Minute.