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Force India want to rejoin FOTA - Mallya considers the ban, whilst McLaren admit their title defence is over

Published by Christine

Force India want to rejoin FOTA
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Welcome to F1Minute for the 8th June 2009.

Following the revelation that Force India were submitting their own unconditional entry to F1 for next year, the team found themselves suspended from FOTA. Now, Vijay Mallya says he wants back in to the association. He says: “First and foremost I was completely transparent with FOTA and gave them copies of correspondence with my bankers and lawyers.” He says the situation with Force India is vastly different to that of Williams, and he would like the suspension to be reversed. However, he does add that if they refuse, he will lose little sleep over it because he had to take action for the good of the team.

Elsewhere today, McLaren have finally admitted that their defense of Lewis Hamilton’s title is basically over. Hamilton already hinted that he had given up on this years car and was hoping next year’s would be better, and now Martin Whitmarsh has said something similar - suggesting the team will be extremely lucky to get on the podium at some point this season.

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