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Mosley and the FOTA consider more cost cuts - The FIA President and FOTA discussions are revealed

Published by Christine

Mosley and the FOTA consider more cost cuts
Mosley and the FOTA consider more cost cuts audio waveform

Today is the 8th January 2009, and this is F1Minute.

A letter from Max Mosley to the FOTA was circulated this morning, as a quick catchup of what the FIA want from them ahead of their meeting today. With cost-cutting high on the agenda, the standard gearbox, engine and chassis plans are all still in place, but there are added suggestions.

Mosley wants the optional KERS devices to all be of the flywheel type, as he doesn’t see that batteries have any place in F1. He wants to investigate the idea of a budget cap, and is contemplating bringing back moveable aerodynamic parts to try and encourage overtaking.

As mentioned the FOTA met, in London, and agreed upon some of the measures themselves, mostly to do with testing, engine and gearbox restrictions.

Another agreement on the table today is Donington Park’s planning permission which was granted. The revamp will cost £100 million and work is due to start as soon as possible.

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