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Super Aguri may miss Barcelona test - Takuma Sato tells of more woes for Super Aguri

Published by Christine

Super Aguri may miss Barcelona test
Super Aguri may miss Barcelona test audio waveform

This is F1Minute for the 8th April, and these are your top headlines for today.

Takuma Sato has let slip that Super Aguri will not be attending the test in Barcelona next week. Although the team has been bought by the Magma Group, the deal is not yet complete, so Super Aguri have no more budget than they did pre-season. Missing out on yet more tests can only compound the miserable start to the year for the team.

Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz has said that Fernando Alonso was a contender for the team ahead of this season, but he was only available for one year. Red Bull would have snapped him up if his contract was less complex, and he had been available for two seasons. This will only add weight to the speculation that Alonso is at Renault for one year only before joining Ferrari in 2009.

Finally, today, the controversy surrounding Alonso and Hamilton’s crash looks as though it has been cleared up now. Renault have already shown the data proving that Alonso was trying his best to accelerate out the corner, and now McLaren have the data to prove that Hamilton’s front wing was already broken.

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