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FOTA want to discuss budget caps with FIA - FOTA aren't happy, whilst Ferrari stick with KERS, and Turn 9 is upgraded

Published by Christine

FOTA want to discuss budget caps with FIA
FOTA want to discuss budget caps with FIA audio waveform

It’s the 7th May today and this is F1Minute.

Following on from their meeting yesterday, FOTA have decided that they want to discuss the budget cap with the FIA urgently. Although the teams are all for the budget cap, clearly the rash announcement by the governing body has worried them a little bit, and they would like to consult with the FIA on the matter of a two-tier championship.

In KERS-watch news, Ferrari have confirmed they will be running the device in both their cars in Barcelona, as they consider it to be an advantage around the circuit, and they are confident that the benefits outweigh any reliability problems they might have.

Finally, while we’re on the subject of the Grand Prix, track officials have confirmed that Turn 9 has had some major safety alterations. That is the scene of Kovalainen’s major accident from last year, so the gravel trap and tyre barriers have been improved to try and avoid a car slipping under them again.

That’s it for today, please join me again tomorrow for another F1Minute.