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Vettel misses out as Button wins in Turkey - Sebastian couldn't hold off the charge from Jenson

Published by Christine

Vettel misses out as Button wins in Turkey
Vettel misses out as Button wins in Turkey audio waveform

This is F1Minute and it’s the 7th June 2009.

Jenson Button scored another victory in Turkey today, after overtaking Vettel on the very first lap. The Red Bull driver ran wide, let the Brawn GP car past, and there was no turning back. Notably, though, Barrichello in the other Brawn had a shocking start, could barely get away from the grid, banged into a couple of cars trying to make his way through the pack, lost 7th gear and finally retired. It was not his day.

Vettel’s three stop strategy saw him finish behind teammate Webber, a double Red Bull podium, but I’m sure they weren’t happy with the result.

Elsewhere today, FOTA met with the GPDA as drivers were worried they wouldn’t have a job next year. The GPDA have come out in full support of FOTA, and stick by their vision for the future of F1. FOTA have also agreed that they would rather not use KERS next year, with seemingly only BMW in favour of the device. They believe it is too expensive and not delivering enough on track.

That’s it for today, I’ll be back tomorrow for another F1Minute.