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Ferrari and McLaren launch their 2008 cars - The new cars are unveiled with technical info and photos

Published by Christine

Ferrari and McLaren launch their 2008 cars
Ferrari and McLaren launch their 2008 cars audio waveform

This is F1Minute for the 7th January 2008.

Ferrari launched their new car yesterday, releasing technical information and photographs to the press. The car is entirely brand new, although looks very familiar, with only the higher cockpit sides noticeably standing out. Räikkönen and Massa were present at the launch, with the defending champion saying that he expects racing to be fun in 2008, whilst Massa wasn’t getting his hopes up too high until he gets behind the wheel.

It was Räikkönen who got that honour, though, taking to the track today in front of a few hundred fans.

Whilst the Ferrari lapped the Fiorano circuit, McLaren were launching their new car in Stuttgart. The major visible differences are a longer wheelbase, and new sidepods. Again, both drivers were present at the launch, and it’s Lewis Hamilton’s birthday today. Ron Dennis said: “He is 23, it is the MP4-23 and he will carry (number) 23 on the car, but that is more by accident than judgement I must say.”

There is some discrepancy on this fact though, as the FIA entry list has Hamilton with the number 22.

That’s all for today, please join me tomorrow for another F1Minute.