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Brawn confident to run technical side of FOTA - The Formula One Teams' Association is a slow moving beast

Published by Christine

Brawn confident to run technical side of FOTA
Brawn confident to run technical side of FOTA audio waveform

Welcome to F1Minute, it’s the 7th August 2008.

Remember last week when the teams got together and agreed to set up a new organisation called the Formula One Teams Association? Well, there has been plenty of discussion about the new group around the internet, whether they are going to be useful, or whether it’s all just talk, but there have been few actual details so far.

Ross Brawn has spoken to and told them that he is more than happy to take charge of the technical side of things for the association, if the other teams are happy for him to do so. The FOTA’s main priority is to come up with some new regulations for the 2011 season that will fit in with the FIA’s plans to become greener and more cost-effective.

Whilst it’s nice to know something is actually happening, Brawn does admit it’s a slow process: “We need the first stage done first, which is about how we can all work together without making it too heavy. We need to have something that is clear, but we don't want a 100-page document. It would be a shame if it resorted to that.”

That’s rounds up the show for today, join me again tomorrow for another F1Minute.