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Brawn gives an update on the Honda buyout - Finding a new owner is job number one, followed by engine supply

Published by Christine

Brawn gives an update on the Honda buyout
Brawn gives an update on the Honda buyout audio waveform

It’s the 6th January 2009 and you’re listening to F1Minute.

Ross Brawn has been speaking about how the search for a new buyer at Honda is going, and he says his main priority is to find a new owner so that all the employees keep their jobs. Although there is still no news on any of the potential candidates to take over, or if anyone is close to signing on the dotted line, things are looking a bit more hopeful. Brawn talks of his approach to Ferrari to seek out an engine deal for the coming season, and that although nothing is signed, they were quite welcoming to him.

The one downside that Ross did mention is that the team will be unlikely to do any testing during the winter, and with in-season testing banned this year, it could harm the team’s performance. However, that’s probably the least of their worries.

Elsewhere today, Webber has given an update on his recovery from the broken leg he sustained in November. He’s been training hard, still wants to be in the car by February and says he’s glad it was his right leg and not the harder working left leg.

That’s it for today, I’ll be back tomorrow with another F1Minute.