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BMW and Brawn GP prepare for Germany - BMW are bringing a new double diffuser

Published by Christine

BMW and Brawn GP prepare for Germany
BMW and Brawn GP prepare for Germany audio waveform

This is F1Minute and it’s the 5th July 2009.

It’s time to look forward to all things Germany, and the teams are beginning to do that with their preview press releases. BMW are always early with their quotes, and boss Mario Theissen is hoping that their updates will help. He says: “It isn’t easy to make up lost ground without the chance to do any testing but that is what we’re aiming to do. We are bringing a series of mechanical improvements to the Eifel mountains, as well as a further developed version of our double-decker diffuser.”

Meanwhile, Brawn GP actually have some new parts from Silverstone that they didn’t use during the race, so they will be rolling them forward to next weekend. Ross Brawn has admitted that their performance in Britain wasn’t ideal, saying: “Whilst coming away with third and sixth placed finishes from Silverstone was still a good outcome from our home grand prix, we would be the first to admit that the result did not meet our expectations.”

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