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Ross Brawn wants Honda to be like BMW - Brawn wants to improve Honda's performance for 2009

Published by Christine

Ross Brawn wants Honda to be like BMW
Ross Brawn wants Honda to be like BMW audio waveform

Welcome to F1Minute, it’s the 4th November 2008.

Ross Brawn is determined to improve Honda’s performance over the off-season and come back fighting in 2009. He says that their aim is to be at the same level of competitiveness that BMW have been this season. Brawn says the team have the resources and the talented personnel to make the difference, and it will all depend how everyone else deals with the new rules. “It is difficult to predict, so with new regulations it is all going to go every which way and then it will start to come back together again.” He also pointed out that the lack of development to the car has hindered Button more than Barrichello, and insists the drivers are very evenly matched.

Meanwhile, Vettel admits he is surprised by his 2008 season, and how competitive the team were. He finished 8th in the championship and says: “We scored a lot of points this year, so P8 was much better than expected. It was an incredible season for us.” He does acknowledge, however, that there will be plenty of work to do when he gets to Red Bull to try and improve the car.

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