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Bernie sides with Ferrari rather than Max - Ecclestone says he will protect the Scuderia

Published by Christine

Bernie sides with Ferrari rather than Max
Bernie sides with Ferrari rather than Max audio waveform

Today is the 4th May and this is F1Minute.

Following on from the row between Ferrari and Max Mosley, in which the FIA president insisted F1 could keep on going without the major team, Bernie Ecclestone has spoken up and said that he would support Ferrari all the way. He confirmed that starting an argument with Mosley is not a smart thing to do, saying: “The trouble with Luca is that you shouldn't let Max ever be in a position where he can start a debate or an argument. He's reasonably clever and you won't win.” He vowed to protect Ferrari, though, and said Mosley won’t be able to “destroy” them.

Also today, Force India have announced they will be introducing KERS to their cars in Germany, as that is when their Mercedes contract is set to deliver on it. The one benefit for them from waiting for the device is that McLaren will have been using it, have a lot of experience of the technology, and a lot of the bugs should have been sorted.

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