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FIA plan even more cost cutting for 2010 // Slashing their prices and the testing ban is staying

Published by Christine

FIA plan even more cost cutting for 2010
FIA plan even more cost cutting for 2010 audio waveform

This is F1Minute for the 4th February 2009.

The FIA are intending to push forward for even more cost cutting in the future, starting with some drastic action in 2010. According to the Financial Times, the FIA hopes to stop more teams leaving, and fill up the four empty slots on the grid. Some of their plans include two separate definitions on the car, with some parts up for development, such as energy recovery, and many others to be standard, including gearboxes, wheels, brakes, suspension and of course, the engine. The overall aim is to reduce spending from over 300 million Euros, to 100 or 50 million for independent teams.

Max Mosley has also hinted that there are no plans to scrap the in season testing ban, if the teams ask. There have been no movements for this yet, but with winter testing being a washout, and many teams suggesting KERS isn’t ready yet, rumours surfaced that FOTA may ask the question. Max says he’ll listen but probably won’t agree.

That’s it for today, I’ll be back tomorrow with another F1Minute.