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FIA release entry list with 12 teams only - US F1 are hoping to join 2011 instead, whilst Campos change their name

Published by Christine

FIA release entry list with 12 teams only
FIA release entry list with 12 teams only audio waveform

It’s the 3rd March 2010 and this is F1Minute.

Following the revelation yesterday that US F1 were closing down their bid to make it to the grid this year, Ken Anderson has finally spoken out. The co-owner of the team has said they are still keen on getting into F1. “We have applied to the FIA to hold our entry until 2011. It was supposed to be confidential, so I could not really comment on it. It seems to have leaked out though. We are waiting for a reply from the FIA and are working with them. In the mean time, there is nothing for the employees to do, so we have told them to stop working on the current car until we have a decision.” The FIA released the entry list with no US F1, and no Stefan GP either. There are just 12 teams this year.

Meanwhile, Campos have officially changed their name to Hispania Racing F1 Team, to be known as HRT F1. Not the best acronym they could have chosen, for various reasons.

That’s all for today, I’ll be back tomorrow with another F1Minute.