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Mosley wins FIA vote of confidence - Max maintains his position as FIA President

Published by Christine

Mosley wins FIA vote of confidence
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Hi everyone, this is F1Minute for the 3rd June.

Max Mosley has won his vote of confidence at the EGM of the FIA today in Paris. The final vote was 103 for and 55 against. However, Germany’s ADAC has already said they will be withdrawing from the FIA working groups and that they want nothing to do with the association whilst Mosley is still in charge. More countries appear to be thinking the same.

Most of those involved in F1 are quiet so far, except for Mario Theissen who says he hopes we can all turn our attention back to the racing and Eddie Jordan, who says he thinks Mosley should take this victory as a moral one and step down.

Meanwhile, Bernie Ecclestone summed up the unease that the vote has caused. Talking about what will happen next, he said: “”We are now in a position where nobody quite knows. All those who said things in the past, I don’t imagine they are going to change their opinion now. It’s going to be difficult for him to act as a president of the FIA if the people who said before that they don’t want to meet with him maintain that position.”

That’s all for today, I’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully with some news other than Max. Join me then for another F1Minute.