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Wet weather fears raised with FIA - David Coulthard airs concerns about races without traction control

Published by Christine

Wet weather fears raised with FIA
Wet weather fears raised with FIA audio waveform

This is F1Minute and it is the 3rd January 2008.

With the banning of electronic controls for 2008, drivers have fallen on either side of the safety coin. Some think the racing will be better for it, others are wary of possible accident increases. Today, it appears that the FIA have been approached by drivers to open talks about the wet weather procedures, how to decide when it is too dangerous to drive.

David Coulthard, who tends to always be at the forefront of safety campaigns, has mentioned the fact that drivers were aquaplaning off track at Fuji this year, with traction control on board, so the possibilities for what could happen without are enormous. Felipe Massa and Jenson Button have joined in with comments, but Max Mosley is playing down the driver’s fears saying that you may be more likely to go off track, but injury will be less likely due to lower speeds.

Also in the news today, Ross Brawn is in the process of deciding what his position will be for Honda with regards to being trackside and making strategy decisions, saying he doesn’t want to get involved unless he has to.

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