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Bulgaria hope to host Grand Prix in 2011 // Another new country look to get on the F1 calendar soon

Published by Christine

Bulgaria hope to host Grand Prix in 2011
Bulgaria hope to host Grand Prix in 2011 audio waveform

This is F1Minute for the 2nd July 2009.

Bulgaria look set to be another new addition to a future F1 calendar, as the head of the Bulgarian Motorcycling Federation has been invited to the German Grand Prix as a guest of Bernie Ecclestone. They are already on the MotoGP calendar for 2012 and would like to host an F1 race in 2011, although there are no confirmed circuit details yet. Apparently their plans are under consideration by FOM.

Elsewhere today, Nelson Piquet has admitted that he thinks it unlikely Renault will be able to pull out some wins like they did towards the end of the season last year. He said as it is a development race at the moment, the budgets are really dictating who is doing well, but realistically, Piquet thinks they are fighting for the top five positions, rather than for wins.

And finally, the Goodwood Festival of Speed kicks off in the UK tomorrow with six F1 teams going to be represented there.

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